Gear Guide: Capt. Mike’s Guide to Albie Lures

There are so many options out there, and I often get asked which lures to use when for all species of fish. Today, I’d like to talk briefly about albies. The way I look at my lure selection is sort of how I picture a golfer looking at a set of clubs. For example, a wood driver will get greater distance but less accuracy than an iron and following that same logic, you would use a putter on the green. I have golfed MAYBE 8 times in my whole life, so just bear with me if not a perfect analogy. So, what I am getting at is that I balance range with lure action. In a nutshell, it could be said the lighter the lure, the more effective it will be. That said, you’re not going to catch fish if your lure isn’t in front of one. Here’s how I play the arsenal of lures I keep on my boat when albie fishing:


Epoxy Jigs

Capt. Mike’s Notes: Fantastic all-around multipurpose albie jig. It is the best seller for Hogy. It can be fished at a variety of speeds, has decent casting range, and a moderate sink rate. Can be skipped, fished fast, medium or slow. Translucent epoxy clear coat is most natural finish. Silhouette resembles most small bait fish. Shop Link

Best For: General Conditions



1.25oz Heavy Minnows

Capt. Mike’s Notes: Good for imitating small baitfish. The heavy weight relative to it’s size allows for superior casting range. This lure is a casting machine but has less action than Epoxy Jigs. This lure likes to be fished fast for best action. Not Ideal for calm conditions. Thicker profile, imitates small anchovies and butterfish. Also good for vertical jigging for scup and sea bas under the albies. Shop Link

Best For: Windy Conditions, Long Range Casting, Boat



1.25oz Sand Eel Jigs

Capt. Mike’s Notes: NEW FOR 2016: Ideally suited for narrow silhouetted baitfish such as silver sides and sand eels. Very good casting range. Often fished with bucktail teaser. Longer, more slender profile allows the jig to ride higher than Heavy Minnow at slow speeds. Designed for beach albie anglers but effective on boats as well. Shop Link

Best For: Windy Conditions, Long Range Casting, Shore and Boat



7″ Hogy Original

Capt. Mike’s Notes: This classic albie killer from Hogy is most popular in amber, but bone and pink are top sellers too. This bait is a major challenge in the wind but when fished properly is absolutely deadly on finicky albies. Fish with your tip in the water to achieve the highest reel retrieve possible. The bait will burn just a few inches under the surface when rigged with swimbait hook. The visuals for this bait is amazing. Well suited for light win or down wind conditions. Shop Link

Best For: Super Calm Conditions, Spooky Albies

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