Capt. Mike’s Albie Forecast – September 4, 2015

Update: The bite went off today at 9:00 am in Woods Hole, after we went in to the office. Also going off right now @ 4:56pm. We’ll keep you posted!

Happy Weekend everybody! After the blow we are expecting this afternoon/this evening, it looks like a good weekend for boating. I love this time of year because everything starts to get interesting again, and close to home, so no long runs needed. Here’s my playbook for this weekend. Hope to see you out there!

Hi, my name is Mike Hogan and I have Albie fever. I think about albies all the time. I miss work sometimes because of them. Albies get in the way of my relationships (other than my enabler fishing buddies) and I often spend large portions of my paychecks on them.

OK, now that I’m out in the open, you’ll know where I’m coming from with my playbook for this weekend. Albies! Albies! Albies!

South Side Vineyard and Nantucket Sound

1) Leave Falmouth Harbor at 5:30 AM, and troll tube and worm for the second half of the outgoing tide, troll for an hour or so. (Tip: troll with the tide) while keeping your eyes peeled for Albies. Worth a play with the tubes, there have been some 30lb fish lingering around Woods Hole. Anyway, I would troll to about 7AM and start investigating for albies, hopefully after catching a fat striper. I would start by making a loop through all the harbors in Woods Hole.

2) If I saw nothing, I would push quickly into Buzzards Bay as far as Quisset. If nothing’s going on there, I would push down the Elizabeth’s, running the shoreline and poke into Quick’s And Robinson’s which have been fishing better in the early AM.

3) If my predictions are correct, Woods Hole should be hopping again by 9:30-10:00 AM when the incoming tide really starts kicking up. If that doesn’t happen, repeat the same loop, but maybe with a detour to Menemsha.

The fish have been finicky at times, so I recommend a few tips:

1) Light braid: 12lb flouoro if you have it.

2) Bone Glow: Has been the hot color this year for epoxy jigs The 7/8th ounce size is the best seller but I have had to down size to the 5/8th when the fish get finicky.

3) Skippy Technique: Try to imitate a fleeing bait by keeping your tip up high in the air. Watch the technique here:

4) Distance: With boat traffic, some times long range casts are the difference of catching and not catching. We recommend the Heavy Minnow, it’s small and heavy so it casts a mile. Tip with inline bucktail for finicky fish.

Heavy Minnow Jigs
Heavy Minnow Jigs

Woods Hole:
Slack Low: 910AM
Incoming Tide: 945AM

Quick’s Hole:
Slack Low: 7AM
Prime Incoming Tide: 815AM


1: Woods Hole: Woods hole has been hot all week, except for this morning. The one caveat is that Albies tend to stack up in Woods Hole better on the incoming tide as opposed to the outgoing, hence the good early fishing all wee. Keep in mind that the tides shift by about 40 minutes each day. The tide turned for the better today at about 9:00 am. We were limited by office schedules, so we wnet early. We arrived on scene around 6:20AM to see a few fish, including a couple of kayakers who put in at the Woods Hole boat ramp hook up. It looked promising, but never materialized. There was a ton of bait, so I strongly believe it will happen again.

2: Elizabeth Islands: For the incoming tide, I push west and run the Islands and look for fish in Quick’s, Robinsons and along the shore line. A few boats running in from the canyons reported albies all down the chain of the Elizabeth Islands. The Islands were hot with albies this AM.

3: Vineyard (West Side): There have been a few reports by Menemsha, but as far as I know the action has been hotter on the Falmouth side of the equation. Worth a loop that way if nothing down the Islands.

4: Nantucket: Albie fishing has been hot off Point Rip. That’s about a 25 mile run from Falmouth, but if you’re in a big rig with plenty of horsepower, maybe worth a shot. The fishing has been off the hook and we’ve had a number of saltyfans reporting in great albie fishing. ALSO, we have had some reader reports of albies taken off Monomoy.

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