2014 Cape Cod Bonito Albie Reports

 Cape Cod Bonito Albie Reports


9/25/14 As Reported By Hogy Staff

10/09/14 As Reported By Hogy Staff

From Buzzard’s Bay Section:

“A limited number of schools of albies have been reported from Bourne to West Falmouth, although they have been very particular at times, with a changeover to soft plastics from metals and other jigs often producing more action. There have also been blues in the mix, and while that can make for plenty of chopped off baits, if plastics produce even one albies, that can make it worthwhile to a funny fish angler.”

From Elizabeth’s Section:

“The last report I received on albies around the islands was on Monday and there were quite a few schools reported, including around Lackey’s, Tarpaulin, and both Robinson’s and Quick’s. The action varied from a pop here- and-there to some fairly solid surface feeds; an interesting note was that they at times were very finicky and refused jigs/metal lures, but plastic got them fired up.”

From Sounds Section:

“There are still reports of good albie action from Falmouth to Cotuit; one area that was producing well was the mouth of Waquoit Bay on a falling tide. Popponesset has also been fishing well at times, with quite a bit of bait still around, sometimes in the form of peanut bunker and at others silversides, bay anchovies, and sand eels.”

From Vineyard Surf:

“There are still reports of good albie action from Falmouth to Cotuit; one area that was producing well was the mouth of Waquoit Bay on a falling tide. Popponesset has also been fishing well at times, with quite a bit of bait still around, sometimes in the form of peanut bunker and at others silversides, bay anchovies, and sand eels.”

9/21/14 As Reported By Hogy Staff

Hogy Staff ran out today in strong ENE winds.  Launched out of Falmouth and ran east to Waquoit.  With no signs of life they slogged south to East Beach and Wasque where they found some albies willing to eat on GREEN Epoxy jigs worked just under the surface.  After several fish the bite slowed and they ran all the way to Squibnoket, around to Menemsha (where a large crowd was working the jetties with little life showing.  Had lunch at Larson’s for the last time before they close.  Then zig zagged up through the Elizabeth’s and finally retuned home to Falmouth.  The only other fish seen were a handful of random breaks around Woods Hole.
Ray Avitable Albie Epoxy Jig Report

9/21/14 As Reported By Capt. Dave Peros

Phil Stanton reported that he went to the Hooter aboard a friend’s boat on Saturday (9/20) and they caught 40 bonito on the troll using Yo-zuri Deep Diving Crystal Minnows, a green off one side of the transom and a purple one on the other. Most of the bones were in the three to four-pound class, with one about two pounds, the smallest Phil has seen; they also caught a few five to six-pound bluefish, but overall weren’t inundated with them. On the way back, they found about 15 boats working Wasque and there were good numbers of albies around; they caught two right away, but then it was tough going on, with only one more landed.
Monomoy continues to be another good spot, with Paul Caruso catching nine, also on Saturday, but the action along the southside has become very sporadic and I saw nothing to talk about in Buzzards Bay in the morning.

9/18/14 As reported by Capt.Jaime Boyle http://www.boylermaker.com/

Captain Jaime Boyle found these funny fish on the south side of the Vineyard. Jaime reported that the fish were highly finicky and had to switch gears and present some different offerings to seal the deal. He caught these bonito and albies on the 7″ Hogy Original Tinker Mackeral rigged with the 5/0 Hogy xStrong weighted swimbait hook.   Jaime said the heaviest flouro he could get away with was 20lb test, he prefers ANDE FLOURO as it is stiffer than average. When the wind pick up a little and needed a little more casting distance he switched to the 20 Gram Purple epoxy jig and reported the fish were all over it.


9/18/2014 As Reported By  Hogy Staff 

There are still a few “funny fish” around the Falmouth shore lines, but the action has moved in the usual direction as in past years. East and South. First the action heated up in Craigsville and near Monomoy. But lately, the name of the game is south. Wasque has been hot, with a mix of some bonito. Hooter has consistently good on the troll. Boats working east toward Nantucket have been finding fish. The bait has been tiny. Anglers have been getting fish on the smallest SI Hogy epoxy Jig, the 3/8th ounce version. Be shore to check out the regional round ups for more specific informations.

9/12/14 As Reported By Tormented Hogy Staff From Falmouth Soccer Practice

At soccer practice looking at Albies off Falmouth Heights unmolested and boats to the east by Waquoit.

9/12/14 As Reported By Hogy Staff

The albies have been hanging out down towards Cotuit. They have been a bit finicky at times. Although the albies have been feeding on gold colored “chovies”  blue and silver epoxies has been the top color despite not being a logical color choice. Other anglers have been producing on soft plastics, amber and pink has been the go to soft bait colors.

Cape Cod Albie Fishing Reports Eric Kulin

9/2/14 As Reported By Hogy Staff

The last week has been just fantastic fishing inshore for big false albacore and a strong showing of bonito around the Cape and Islands.  Its seems that almost anywhere you look you have a solid chance of finding one or both of these speedy little tunoids.  All of the usual funny fish hot spots around Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeth Islands are chock full of 2-3” peanut bunker and this massive showing of bait has the tunoids feeding like crazy.

epoxy jig

The hot setup on my boat for catching these often elusive fish has been to wait for a feed to erupt, then cast to the EDGES of the feed.  Dragging a lure through the middle of the feeds has resulted in a snagged peanut bunker and a fouled lure 9 times out of 10.  Casting to the edges however has yielded a massive surface strike 9 times out of 10.  Our trick to get the attention of these fish is to fish a 5/8oz Olive Hogy Epoxy Jig with a very high rod tip and a fairly fast retrieve.  The key is to get the lure to just start to skip over the surface like a jumping fleeing baitfish.  This make the jig stand out more so than just swimming it subsurface.  The fish will slash at the lure and often times miss it over and over again.

SI Epoxy Jig Albie Fishing Reports Cape Cod

If you can keep your composure and not try to set the hook and pull the lure away, you can tease the fish into a frenzy. Then simply lower the rod tip while maintaining the same reeling speed.  This lowering of the rod tip slows the lure just enough that it allows you to “feed” the fish as it slashes at the lure.  It’s a technique that requires some practice but when mastered its deadly on these fish and will have you out fishing all the boats around you consistently.  Our go to albie setup is a Shimano Stella 5000 reel on a 7’ 2” Shimano Terez Waxwing .rod rated 20-40# with 20# Suffix 832 Ghost Braid and a 3-4’ leader of 10-12# flourocarbon tied direct to the the braid.

Cape Cod Albie Fishing Reports

9/2/14 As Reported By Capt. Dave Peros

photo copy 6Great reports from Nobska to Succonesset today; some folks described the baitballs similar to what is common around Montauk and North Carolina. They have been made up of peanut bunker, small butterfish, baby herring, and bay anchovies; small has been the way to go and the bait has been so thick at times that going with a color that stands out such as pink or white Epoxy jigs if the more natural olive or green doesn’t get any love. The usual craziness as far as boaters losing their minds, but apparently there were enough schools that you could find your own action – that is, until someone saw you hooked up!
The morning bite with a dumping tide was very good, with a lot of bait flushing out of the backwaters. That said, the fish were still going off in the afternoon. The rough conditions might have helped as well.
I’d imagine there are fish down Osterville and Craigville way, although there are more reports of small bluefish in the one to three-pound class than there are funny fish.


8/29/14 As Reported By Hogy Staff

It’s official. The Albies  are in!!! Hoagie Central has received phone calls with  shops and anglers needing bone and olive epoxy jigs for Albies caught in all the usual places including Waquiot, Nobska, Cataumet, woods Hole, the Vineyard and Westport. Bone and olive are the hot colors so far this albie season.

8/29/14 As Reported By Capt. Dave Peros

It appears that a push of albies has made its way across from the Westport area and has settled into the stretch from West Falmouth to Old Silver Beach. They were seen working hard off Chapaquoit Beach this morning and someone reported seeing what looked like schools of funny fish off Racing Beach earlier this week.
Along the southside, there have been reports of schools of hard charging fish off South Cape Beach in the morning pushing peanut bunker and small butterfish up on the beach.


7/17/14 As Reported By Hogy Staff

A few more bonito taken in the last few days including a couple off the shore at South Beach on the Vineyard. Woods Hole holding stripers in decent numbers, small fish on the ledges, bigger fish in deeper water. Along the Elizabeths, better reports closer to Woods Hole than farther down toward Cuttyhunk.


10/1/13 As Reported By Captain Hal Herrick – http://nantucketfishing.com/

Albie madness!

Hal Albie 101Albies are being caught around the island .False Albacore are being seen and caught from the Bonito Bar west towards Muskeget Island. The schools are moving fast . The best bet is to get your boat ahead of the school of moving fish , turn your engine off and wait patiently. The  run and gun boats  only put down the moving Albies.
Bigger Albies showed up this past week. Billy Davidson fishing with legendary fly fishing guide Chris(CB) Brown weighed in a nice 11.8 pound Albie on fly for the Nantucket Inshore Classic.
Great Point has had some hot fishing days this past week from both the beach and the boat. Riley Fusaro had a 10.8 pound Albie off the beach earlier in the week.
9/29/13 As Reported By Falmouth Angler Joe Monahan

They albie bite this morning spanned from Woods Hole to 2 miles past Cuttyhunk. Here’s a picture of Joe Monahan hooked up with an albie off Tarpaulin Cove this am on 20gram SI Epoxy Jig. Pink was the Hot Color.


9/26/13 As Reported By Falmouth Angler Joe Monahan

Joe’s good friend Captain John Clark reported top Bonito and Abie action at the bonito bar using Pink and Blue SI Epoxy Jigs at the Bonito Bar. Then later, Joe reported an ablie blitz just off the stone Pier in woods hole.


9/25/13 As Reported By Captain Mike Hogan of Hogy Lures

I fished tube and worm along the Elizabeth Islands looking for a couple slob stripers. While the striper fishing was pretty decent (A nice pair of 12-18lb bass) it was hard to concentrate on stripers with all the albies popping. I noticed the biggest concentration of albies on the corner of Tarpulin Cove, Jobs Neck, and the eastern Corner of Robinsion’s Hole. They were hard to fool, you needed to put the lure right on their heads. Pink and olive 20 gram SI Epoxy Jigs were the ticket

9/23/13 As Reported By Captain Hal Herrick – http://nantucketfishing.com/

Nantucket Albies Salty Cape Hal HerrickThe Albies arrived with the full moon and the full moon tides this past week. There was a big push of fish through the cut between Smiths Point and Tuckernuck. I fished with Steve Moore a fishing guide from the Cape and we had great action on Thursday and Friday on both spin and fly. Fish were mostly between 7-9 pounds with a few pushing 10 pounds.
Yesterday, the bonito showed up at the bar and also there were a few caught off the beach along the outside of Great Point by local anglers Riley Fusaro and Jeff Lema . Big bluefish are being caught off Sankaty Lighthouse, Old Man Shoal and the rips to the east. Night time bass action from the beach has been spotty.
The next 3 weeks should be great fishing. Enjoy!!

9/19/13 As Reported By Capt. Shaun Ruge  www.riptidecharters.com – New Seabury area.

Eclipse/Ruge – Dozen or so before 7:30 am this morning on Pink Hogy Lures Epoxy jigs and even a few on the fly . Have Saturday open for a morning 1/2 day if anyone is interested on Eclipse. Stayed off the fleet, 1/4 mile drift solid fish chewing.Ruge Albie Epoxy

9/19/13 As Reported By Chris Parisi – Fishing the incoming tide in Nantucket Sound near Waquoit Bay.

 My wife and I killed them with SI Epoxy Jigs. Blue 1oz and the green 3/4oz shown. This was the first cast of the season for me! Great jigs! Can’t believe I hooked up on my first cast of the season!

Parisi Albie 1

9/18/13 As Reported By Capt. Steve Purcell at Larry’s Tackle Shop on Martha’s Vineyard http://www.larrystackle.com/ Larry's Tackle Shop Albie Epoxy Jig

The new Hogy lure at work!! We boated 20 albies today and they hammered the new epoxy jig!!! Fishing the rising tide 7am – 10am around Nobska to Craigville Beach.

Capt.Steve Purcell

9/18/13 As Reported By Capt. Mike Hogan www.hogylures.com

Albie Woods Hole SeptI went out early this am on a tip from Capt. Dave Peros that there were albies off Osterville / Popponesset and that they were eating the itty bitty 15gram epoxy jigs.  I left Falmouth harbor at about 6:00 am and took a loop to woods hole first. I didn’t see any fish, but the entire shoreline from Falmouth Harbor all the way around the corner into Woods Hole was littered with birds looking like they were expecting something big to happen. I took a few lazy casts, not taking the situation too seriously.

In Woods Hole, there were some schoolies popping, but not much else, other than enough birds to make a sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller. Then I go a call from Jaime Boyle, of Boylermaker Charters confirming the intel I had for Osterville. I dropped what I was doing and charge full speed. On the way, I saw a few albie slashes, but I kept charging. It was a full fledged gong show (to use a favorite term of Capt. Terry Nugent).

SI 20gram Epoxy Jig

I had the 15gram Green Epoxy rigged and ready, but much to my surprise, a half dozen casts in to a frenzy of albies was to no avail. I quickly re-tied a bubble gum and a few casts later I was tight. Then my knot broke (no, I can’t tie knots in feeding frenzies even after all these years) and I retied with the 15gram Bone. The second it hit the water, bam! Was tight. they were all over it. I caught a few more and realized I was late to work. I took a few more casts, including a few with my old friend, the 7″ Amber Original (yes, it still works!) and some photos of the other boats and split. The bite was starting to wane by about 9:00 as the east bound tied started to wane. On the run in, I saw a series of small pods all the way to Falmouth Harbor, including a nice pod holding off the 16 can off Falmouth Harbor. I was already late for work, so I figured two more albies wouldn’t hurt. This time I tried the olive in the 20 gram size, I needed extra weight for added distance because these fish were spooky.

On the way in, I talked to my good friend, Joe Monahan, who said the albies went nut-so in Woods Hole this morning, (Of course, just after I left!) If you have a boat, it’s time to splash it. The albie bit is officially on!

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