Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – September 7, 2018

A nice bass from the Canal this week.

The new moon is this Sunday, September 9, and the folks are hoping that some improved tides will coax the bait and bass that moved out into Cape Cod Bay back into the land cut. It’s also possible that the bass in the Big Ditch have been sulking on the bottom for the most part, as Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore reported that a few quality fish are being caught at night on live eels and jigs, especially between the bridges.

One thing that Bruce emphasized is that folks should be prepared with Polaris-style plugs since they often prove to be more effective on fall tides since they throw more water and make more noise, which is often needed to draw bass to the top and get them to hit.

There are mainly small bass at the east end, while at the west end there have been schools of bonito and, apparently, some false albacore racing in on the tail end of the west current and the turn to the east.

There is a ton of small bait around, including peanut bunker, baby herring, silversides, and even a few sand eels; if that remains the primary bait in the Canal, the funny fish and small bass will be happy, but any larger fish can become very difficult to coax into taking your typical, larger plugs preferred by the Ditch casting crew. In that case, metal lures such as Crippled Herrings and Deadly Dicks are popular, along with the Hogy Epoxy Jigs and Heavy Minnows. Using a heavy lure to launch a teaser is another alternative.