Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – September 29, 2016

Bruce Miller reported that the largest fish he saw this week is a 46+-pound bass that took over the lead in the Gibbs’ Tournament. I was incorrect in my assumption that this fish came from the east end and Bruce corrected me, advising that it was taken on a live eel somewhere between the Bourne and railroad bridges. The beginning of the west tide at night has been fishing well for the eel slingers before the current gets too strong to make an effective presentation.

A.J. Coots told me that they weighed in two 39-pound bass and they are anticipating some good crowds this weekend, although the rain that is predicted should separate the men from the boys. Most of the topwater activity he has heard of has been of a short duration, A.J. explained, and there doesn’t seen to be any rhyme or reason where it happens – other than a good concentration of bait.

There are definitely both bass and blues moving at the moment, with some staying in the land cut to feed and others following schools of bait out into Buzzards Bay. With the winds, a new moon on Friday/Saturday, and breaking tides starting on Saturday as well, Bruce is anticipating some really good action this weekend. The mackerel that have been staged out in the bay often are pushed into the east end when the wind blows from this direction, often producing excellent topwater activity. For the moment, however, Bruce noted that the east end has had more big bluefish as of Thursday.

When it comes to plugs and plastics, white has been a good color with squid being caught every night around the bulkhead, while there are also pogies, peanut bunker, baby herring, and some mackerel in the Big Ditch, making yellow or parrot/chartreuse good options.

Mike Thomas weighed in a 46-pound bass for a friend who also caught his on a live eel around the west end, with Savage Sand Eels and Gag’s Whip-it Eels and Whip-it Fish in mackerel or white accounting for some dusk-to-dawn fish as well.

The albies also made a show of force late last week around the west end of the Canal and even moved up as far as the tanker cut, Mike added. Bell Road is always a good place for flyrodders to try and hook one, while spin and conventional anglers would do best to try Epoxy Jigs in contrasting colors such as Pink or Shrimp.