Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – September 21, 2018

A canal bass from this week.

While many folks are calling the Big Ditch slow, realistically these waters are fishing typically for this time of year, based on the last several seasons.

There aren’t any blitzes of big fish that too many people associate with the Canal; instead, the regulars who put in their time are picking at larger fish, which at this time means between 20 and 30-pounds.

Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore said that some of the better fish have been caught on white bucktail jigs tipped with red pork rind, particularly between the Mussel Bed and the Cribbin’. Any topwater action has been just before or at first light, but those fish have been mainly schoolies feeding on smaller bait such as peanut bunker and silversides. Overall, Bruce said there hasn’t been much in the way of larger bait in the Ditch, with the exception of those mystery fish.

There have been some larger bluefish caught at the east end, while at the west end there have been mainly smaller blues and bass. Jeff Clabault at Forestdale Bait & Tackle on Route 130 in Sandwich said that he spoke to one regular who fishes that end of the land cut and he managed a 32-inch fish on a jig, while he saw a 35-inch bass taken on a topwater plug earlier this week.

According to Mike Thomas at M & D’s in Wareham, the key to catching any of the small bass right now is using peanut bunker imitations, with spoons such as the Clark Spoon and the Hogy Heavy Metal Jigs popular choices.