Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – September 14, 2017

Mike Thomas at M & D’s in Wareham had an interesting take as he explained that many of the guys who fish the Canal regularly have tired of bass and have switched their attention to albies and bonito. It also might be that on average what folks are catching in the Big Ditch right now are smaller than those that were being caught during that phenomenal stretch from the last week of August into the early stages of September.

He did hear after the fact that there was some good morning action yesterday around Pole 20, but today he hasn’t heard from many people. Mike was aware of a couple of seals moving into the land cut and it doesn’t take many of them to stir things up, including grabbing hooked fish and destroying rigs.

Mike also spoke to a friend who was fishing up around Plymouth earlier this week and they managed to get 18 mackerel which they turned into 18 bass, the largest of which was 38-inches. With morning west tides right through the weekend, we might start to see some of those stripers move into east entrance to the Canal and then in and through over the next couple of weeks.

Jeff Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle in Sagamore told me that as of noontime today, things were definitely slower in the Canal as opposed to yesterday when the action was very good around the fish pier. He isn’t concerned, though, as there are still large numbers of mackerel around and some large schools of smaller bait. The one really noticeable thing today is that change in weather this morning, as it was muggy and foggy, and that shift might have put the bass off their feed until they adjust or cool, drier air returns.

There are few boats hanging outside the east end of the Canal and they are livelining mackerel and picking up some stripers in the 15 to 20-pound range, similar to what folks have been catching in the land cut.

There are also some schools of funny fish running into the west end on the dying east tide before charging back out on the change in current, although at times they are perfectly happy to stay out of the land cut as they have pinned bait up against the Maritime Academy docks.