Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – September 13, 2018

A canal bass caught this week.

Things are far more typical of what the Big Ditch is known for rather than all out, all day blitzing fish.

Night fishing has definitely been producing larger bass more consistently, according to Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore, especially on live eels and jigs. The fish are spread pretty much throughout the land cut, but most of the regulars fishing at night have been concentrating on the waters from the railroad bridge down to the Sagamore, with the bridge abutment areas popular, as well as the Cribbin’.

Jeff Miller told me that a couple of bigger bass were caught around the east end amongst all of the smaller fish; the anglers who plugged them up typically use yellow plugs, he said, with the morning tides offering up a brief period of topwater activity or a shot at raising a quality fish. The pluggers who catch fish consistently really put in their time and have learned the subtle nuances of each of their lures and favorite waters, as opposed to just casting aimlessly. Learning where the rips set up and hold fish at certain stages of the tide is absolutely critical, plain and simple.

Jeff Clabault at Forestdale Bait & Tackle on Route 130 in Sandwich spoke to a customer who managed a 20-pound class bass from the west end on Wednesday using a topwater plug, where peanut bunker remain the primary bait. This fellow also said a woman fishing the same area caught her first striper, a 35-incher, on a Daiwa SP Minnow, a plug that often gets lost in the Sebile madness, but is the favorite of some of the best plug anglers who fish the Ditch.

Some of the albies and bonito that are out in Buzzards Bay continue to run into the west end of the Canal, typically towards the end of the west current and turn to the east. Since they are feeding on small bait, Epoxy and Heavy Minnow jigs are excellent options, with the latter especially a good choice when distance is critical, but matching the size of the peanuts, silversides, and sand eels is critical. Teaser rigs are another option, with a plug providing the weight needed to get a fly to fish that often hang right in the middle of the land cut.