Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – September 1, 2016

I typically would suggest that winds during a storm out of the northeast could drive bait and fish into the land cut, but frankly, right now the action at the east end of the Big Ditch couldn’t get much better.

There were plenty of bass, with some in the 30 to 40-pound class mixed in, on top around the east end pushing mackerel and pogies. Jake Dionne picked up a couple of bass in the 40-pound class using a chartreuse pencil popper, with Wally’s plugs one of his favorites.

Jeff Miller noted that most of the fish are in the 15 to 20-pound range, with a good number of anglers picking up three to four fish on a tide. Although topwater plugs are a popular choice, Jeff knows that many of the regulars are doing consistently well using soft plastics, including white, green mackerel, and chartreuse mackerel Savage Sand Eels, Gag’s Whip-it Eels, Storm/Tsunami/Calcutta shads, and various combinations of heads and tails that anglers make up themselves.

Mike Thomas reported this his friend, Ronnie Franklin, picked up a bass just shy of 50-pounds this morning on a Savage Sand Eel, a lure that is very versatile because you can swim or jig them.

Spencer Scaife reported that folks saw what looked like a school of bonito or albies around Bell Road earlier in the week, but none have been caught so far. The west end does have a few bass, but nothing compared to the east end.

Of course, the word is out on the Canal bite and it was crowded this morning and will probably get even more so with the holiday weekend upon us. For that reason, some of the regulars continue to fish eels or jigs at night, opting for an occasional fish with some peace and quiet as opposed to dealing with the madding crowd.