Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – October 27, 2016

It does appear that the best days in the Big Ditch are behind us, particularly when it comes to larger fish. Bruce Miller wasn’t holding out as much hope that the bait up around P’town might move towards the Canal, with the bass following; on the other hand, he said that there are still reports of bass from Plymouth to Boston. Earlier this week, he saw a large flock of birds working over fish inside Plymouth Harbor.

Most of the fish in the land cut are on the small side and they are very active on top from the Sagamore Bridge out to the east end in the morning, with some good schools of fish from the Cribbin’ to the railroad bridge. Jake Dionne said there haven’t been as many fishermen around during the week, perhaps due to the lack of consistently larger bass, but on weekends spots from Aptucxet to Bell Road have seen a good number of folks casting to surface feeding fish. My friend Jim Lowe reported that there was no lack of fish last weekend in these areas, with a few bass caught that looked to be from just legal to the low 30-inch class.

Savage Sand Eels and Gag’s Whip-it Eels or Tails continue to be very popular among the Canal crowd, with white a good place to start, followed by green and white or pink, according to Bruce Miller. Metal lures such as Crippled Herrings or Jig Fish are worth trying, as well.

A few hardy souls continue to fish eels at night, especially from the railroad bridge to the Bourne Bridge, in hopes of catching something larger. During the day, most bait anglers switch over to cut bait such as mackerel; while you will find plenty of folks who will argue for either the end of the east or west tides, at this time of year, the latter is most often mentioned as the time to be at your favorite spot. For many regulars, that means somewhere around the Cribbin’.