Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – October 11, 2018

A nice fish from the Canal this week.

Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore said he took some time off to speak to me on Thursday morning after weighing a couple of 30-pound bass that were caught overnight in the Big Ditch.

Apparently, the live eel and jig bite at night has been productive around the west end, with schoolies on top around first light, while the waters around the east end have been filled with small bass. Soft plastic paddletails, whether the thinner sand eel style or the broader shad type, have been working, as bucktails, with white the top color. Bruce said there has been a lot of small bait, including peanut bunker, around the west end while tinker mackerel have been moving in and out of the east end.

Over at Red Top in Buzzards Bay, A.J. Coots said they weighed in a 40+-pound bass earlier in the week and that the regulars who have been putting in their time at night have been rewarded with some quality fish. It’s not lights out fishing, but the opportunities are there for people willing to put in their time especially at night, with A.J. noting that bigger bass have come from a number of spots.

Bruce is hoping that the cold snap this weekend will cool off the water, causing the schools of big bass up around Plymouth to start moving down towards the Canal and hopefully into the Ditch.

Yesterday, when I stopped at Bell Road in the afternoon to drink my coffee and read the paper, the folks who were casting kept talking about the schools of albies that ran up into and then back out, although they were apparently very finicky.