Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – May 5, 2017

While the boat action on tog has slow, mainly due to a lack of hardy souls venturing forth, Bruce Miller noted that the Big Ditch has been producing enough fish that many people are going home with their daily limit of three fish, with a minimum length of 16-inches per fish.

Bruce added that a good slug of smaller bass have also pushed in from Buzzards Bay and worked their way towards the herring run. Many of these schoolies are too small to handle an adult alewife, but that doesn’t keep them from trying, which can be comical at times.
Tom Coots said there have been a few legal sized stripers caught this week, mainly around the west end and through to the herring run, but the reality is that most of the bass are small. Tom reported that Jake Dionne happened upon a school of adult pogies/menhaden in the mouth of the run; Jake snagged one and livelined it with no success.

Later that night, Jake went back and used one of those new high power flashlights to illuminate the scene at the run. Apparently, he was very impressed with the number of bass from 20 to 24-inches pushing herring, while he also saw a few bass that he estimated at 30+-inches.

The run has been filled with herring right now, but there are so many predators around, including seals and cormorants, that they are running best at night.
Finally, around the east end, a few winter flounder have been caught at the tanker cut, but they have very small. Hopefully, a few more days of sunshine will warm things enough to coax more flatties out the mud.