Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – May 19, 2016

There was nothing really inspiring this week in terms of really good, consistent fishing in the Big Ditch. There were a few big fish in the 40+-inch, 25+-pound class, but they have definitely been the exception rather than the rule.

The West End continues to produce more bass, with most everyone using some sort of subsurface lure to reach the fish that are apparently hanging anywhere from about 10-feet down through the bottom of the water column.

Light colored shad or jerkbait style soft plastics paired up with jigheads of sufficient weight to deal with the current have been a top choice, with hard plastic, multi-jointed swimbaits catching on with the Canal crowd.

Squid, herring, and pogies have all been in the Canal, with mackerel working their way into the east end as well. At the moment, you can’t go wrong with white or blue over white plugs.