Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – May 18, 2018

It might sound like a broken record, but for shore anglers seeking a larger bass, the Canal is one again the place to be.

Jeff Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore confirmed that what his dad reported on Wednesday had happened again this morning: bass blitzing mackerel at the east end on the west tide. There were apparently some bigger fish in the mix this AM as Jeff saw a photo of what he judged to be a striper in the 20 to 25-pound class, while Bruce told me that the largest fish he heard of the day before was 35-inches.

The mackerel that are moving in aren’t huge; in fact, Bruce said they were larger than spikes but not quite tinkers, making pencil poppers in the 2-ounce range a good choice if topwater is your game. Jeff added that blue mackerel was the hot color, but some folks were doing well on Magic Swimmers, especially the Perch color that does a decent job of mimicking a mackerel’s unique wavy lines.

According to A.J. Coots from Red Top in Buzzards Bay, the waters around the herring run have been holding bass of all sizes, including an 18-pounder taken earlier this week. Sebiles in white, chrome, or blue have been effective in areas where the fish are feeding on river herring, as are paddle tail type soft plastics.

Even Jeff Clabault at Forestdale Bait and Tackle, who stays away from the Canal at all costs, couldn’t help but giving it a thumb’s up. Apparently, the Mass Maritime crew is doing well on some impressive stripers, including a 50-inch fish earlier this week. Jigging has been most effective for them, with the Savage Sand Eel their top choice. There have also been plenty of smaller fish on most mornings around the west end, although like anything in fishing, there is no guarantee; Monday saw good fishing there, but on Tuesday the fish had moved up towards the middle of the Canal.

A buddy of Jeff’s also saw fish breaking across from the Cribbin’ where he was on Wednesday, not an atypical Canal situation where the side you choose ends up being the wrong side.

Some nice tautog are being caught around the Maritime Academy as well; A. J. and crew weighed in fish up to 9+ -pounds and Jeff Miller had word of an 8-pounder caught today.

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