Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – May 17, 2019

I received a text yesterday from a friend who reported his first legal fish of the year with sea lice; it wasn’t a monster at 29-inches, but it’s a start. He caught a number of other bass up to 27-inches from the Big Ditch as well.

The west end has been mainly a schoolie playground, with any larger fish apparently coming from mid-Canal to the east end. There are mackerel in Cape Cod Bay, but they have yet to move into the land cut.

This weekend there is change in current to the east around the west end between 3 and 4 AM, which will bring in warmer water from Buzzards Bay. Combine that with what looks like sunnier, warmer weather and there is a chance for that some fish will feed on top, but don’t expect any breaking tides, said Bruce Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle in Sagamore. The water in B-Bay is 52-degrees and around 50-in the Canal, while Cape Cod Bay has been topping out the thermometer at 48, so we’re just bordering on the line between lethargy and activity.

Hogy Tip:

Plugs are fun, especially those that make surface commotion, but jigs worked deep and slow are the ticket right now. Hits are most likely going to be a bit more tentative, so it is even more important to keep contact with your jig.

Although dinosaurs like me stick with our mono, there can be no argument that braid is the way to go when jigging, especially when the cold has bass nosing around your bucktail or jighead/soft plastic combination rather than clobbering it.