Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – June 8, 2018

Apparently, the waters around Pole 20 have been producing some quality fish, but the reality is that a whole lot of people know it and the area is super crowded, advised Jeff Miller at Sagamore Bait & Tackle.

There have been a few fish on top in the early morning at different locations in the land cut, but generally those folks who put in their time and jig diligently are doing best. There are so many paddletail jigs that have caught on in the Canal such as the Savage Sand Eel, which is a European creation, or were designed for these waters specifically by locals, it would be hard to pick one that is best, although the Savage’s seem to have the strongest following.

Color choice, whether you are plugging or jigging, is apparently a simple matter: either a mackerel pattern lure or white/bone are tops.

The word from the folks at Red Top in Buzzards Bay is that there are also some fish being jigged up around the herring run and skating rink; Owen May emphasized that it is a matter of patience and hard work, with A.J. Coots noting that even though the shop hasn’t weighed in each of these fish, he has heard of at least one 25+-pound striper caught each day. You just have to work for them.

Overall, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to where or when the fish will show on top or even concentrate in one area, although the last couple of hours of a tide and the turn to a new direction is one things to consider with some sort of surface activity early in the morning or again at dusk.

When it comes to an opportunity for a shore angler to catch some sea bass, then the Canal is your best bet, with Bruce Miller telling me he picked up his limit in very brief fishing session around the east end.