Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – June 30, 2016

There is no way of glossing it over: the Big Ditch is slow and most folks are just waiting for the beginning of the breaking tides early next week. There are plenty of folks hoping that a school of bass will move in from Cape Cod Bay, and if they should, there is a good amount of bait around, including sand eels, baby river herring, some small pogies, and an occasional push of mackerel in from the bay.

Those regulars who are willing to put in the time are doing OK jigging, with one of them telling Mike Thomas that he had a pretty good night this week jigging, with a couple of fish in the 32-inch range.

Fishing around the bridge abutments is popular among anglers who prefer to jig the land cut, with the Cribbin’ known as a good spot to fish live eels, which produce some of the largest bass of the season during the summer nighttime tides.

Any plugging action has been in the morning with chartreuse the top color for both topwater plugs and deeper diving swimmers, Jeff Miller concluded.