Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – June 15, 2017

After a sluggish start to the week, things picked up in the Canal over the last two days according to Jeff Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore. Some schools of bass from Cape Cod Bay followed the mackerel into the east end, producing topwater activity at first light and by about 7:30 the action was pretty much over.

Mike Thomas said the action started around Scusset and moved into the Big Ditch and petered out as the fish reached the herring run area. Mackerel or white pencil poppers were the best options, although his buddy was fooling around with an SP Minnow on a freshwater rod when he caught a 33-pound bass by boat off Scusset. Around the west end, the guys who fish this area regularly have been struggling, with the occasional bluefish running through while the bass being caught are on the small side.

The word from Spencer Scaife at Red Top in Buzzards Bay is that the best action has been very, very early in the morning. A.J. Coots and Jacob Dionne were on the Canal by 3:30 AM and they had a good topwater bite around the east end until about 5:30 and then things just shut off. There were some fish in the 20-pound class caught and A. J. was using a white Wally’s pencil that he tossing with his 14-foot rod, hitting a rip well out where the fish were holding for him.

White or mackerel Savage’s or Gag’s remain the top choices when it becomes necessary to start jigging once the topwater bite quiets down, but Red Top is seeing more and more interest in the Hogy Pro Tail Paddles, which weigh up to six ounces.