Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – June 1, 2018

One way you can tell how the Big Ditch is fishing is by the number of vehicles in the pull offs along Sandwich Road; yesterday, every nook and cranny was filled with trucks and cars featuring rod racks and Canal Cruisers, so things continue to be hopping in the land cut.

Earlier this week, Bruce Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle in Sagamore said the fishing has been really good at the east end as schools of big fish have followed mackerel into this area. Everything from pencil poppers to Magic Swimmers to Savage Sand Eels and Gag’s Whip-it Tails have been working, as long as they are mackerel patterned, white, or bone.

Earlier in the season, Jeff Miller told me that with the mackerel on the very large size, when their backs appear blueish, blue mackerel artificials were hot, but lately the macks have been smaller, with green working just fine.

Some nice fish caught in the Canal were weighed in at Red Top Sporting Goods in Buzzards Bay this week.

At the moment, Bruce advised that the fish are coming into the east end on the west current, with the fishing best around mid tide. He said the fish are coming in from Cape Cod Bay on the mackerel and then switching over to the squid and herring that are around. Meanwhile, at the west end, there are some big fish on the pogies that are still there.

Hayden Gallagher at Red Top in Buzzards Bay told me that the bass have been pushing through the entire length of the Canal this week, which probably explains why there were folks fishing from one end to the other. There has been an early morning topwater bite, but many of the larger fish are coming on jigs, including a 31-pounder this morning. Although the turn of the tide has been fishing well, Hayden emphasized that early morning has been best no matter which way the tide has been running.

Finally, some really good sea bass have moved into the Canal; many folks associate the west end with this fishing, particularly around the Maritime Academy, but Bruce said he limited out in about 20-minutes down around the east end this week.

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