Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – June 1, 2017

The last two days in the Big Ditch have seen a return to the type of activity that took place over the Memorial Day weekend after things slowed a bit earlier in the week as everybody took a deep breath.

The largest fish that Bruce Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle in Sagamore weighed in this morning was 35-pounds, but there were numerous bass in the 20 to 25-pound range caught as well. White or green mackerel Magic Swimmers are hard to beat in the waters from the east end to the skating rink; the turn of the tides has definitely been the best, with many anglers focusing on the turn from the end of the west to the beginning of the east, no matter when it occurs.

Early mornings have seen a good albeit limited, time wise, topwater bite, with white, green, or green mackerel pencil poppers the best bet. That said, Mike Thomas from M & D’s in Wareham pointed out that some pluggers are using loaded Cotton Cordell or Left Hook pencils, letting them sink to the desired depth before beginning to work them.

James Robbins with a 42-pounder weighed in at Red Top on Memorial Day.
James Robbins with a 42-pounder weighed in at Red Top on Memorial Day.

Everyone has their favorite paddletail in the Canal, but color wise, mackerel or white are tops, with some folks using black back as well. Fast sinking Stick Shadds are another option if the fish aren’t showing and you want to get down.

Stan Darmofalski at Red Top in Buzzards Bay emphasized that even when things were quieter, they were still weighing in some nice bass this week, including fish of 35 and 42-pounds. The pattern seems to be plugs in the morning and a switch to jigs once the sun is high in the sky; the larger Daiwa SP Minnow is favored by some Canal regulars who find it fishes well both when used for distance or if the fish are holding close to the riprap.

Mackerel and sea herring are still the most prevalent bait, with an occasional school of whiting making everyone scramble for white plugs. Bruce Miller added that some squid are being jigged up around the bulkheads at night.