Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – July 20, 2017

Mike Thomas at M & D’s in Wareham reported that there are still some bigger bass being taken around the east end; most of them are just shy of the commercial limit at 30 to 33-inches, with the occasional 30-pounder mixed in. It has been mainly a topwater bite using pencil poppers, with plenty of mackerel around the east making chartreuse mack the top color choice, followed by green and then all the rest. The regulars are targeting the wee hours of the morning, because once the sun has cleared the horizon and starts to heat things up, the bite has died.

Mike said that he has been selling plenty of eels this week and some of the Canal regulars have come in looking for large eels, a pretty good sign that some big fish are being caught after dark. Typically, the nighttime eel anglers concentrate around the abutments of the three bridges, meaning that they have to time their fishing around slack water and the early part of the turn. Even when the snakes are big, adding some weight, typically in the form of a rubber core sinker between ¾ to 1.5-ounces.

Spencer Scaife from Red Top in Buzzards Bay said they weighed in some good-sized bass from both ends of the Canal today. The west end produced a couple of 25-pound bass, while one of the employees of the shop hooked up with a fish that he couldn’t stop. While the crew out west has been jigging for the most part, with green or pearl/white Savage Sand Eels what most of them are using, out east, it has been mainly a plug fishery. The shop weighed in a 35-pounder and there were a lot of fish pushing into the land cut after the large schools of mackerel. There were more than a few frustrated anglers as the fish stayed pretty much in the middle of the Canal, outside the range of most casters, and some good schools of bass were blowing up on macks too far off the east end jetty for most everyone to reach – but the boaters had no such problem.