Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – July 14, 2016

After last week’s roaring action, which produced a couple of 50-pounders and enough 30’s and 40’s to make it interesting, the action has settled down a bit in the Big Ditch.

The waters in and around the middle of the Canal, including the herring run, have had some topwater action in the early morning; the hour before and after slack water continue to be best for folks who toss pencil poppers and other topwater plugs. There has been a good amount of variation in the size of the mackerel that are moving in and out of both ends of the Canal, or following the tide from east to west, and that means carrying different size pencils in a variety of mackerel colors, as well as yellow and white.

Many shops reported a run on white Stick Shadds and Magic Swimmers, especially the most popular floating 155 and 182 mm sizes, as fishing subsurface might not be as visual as topwater presentations, but it typically produces more fish. The same is true of Savage Sand Eels and Gag’s Whip-it Eels, which can be swum at different levels of the water column or bounced and rolled along the bottom like bucktails.

Casting and drifting live eels continue to work around the bridges, while early mornings at the west end has been hot-and-cold, with the largest fish in this area around the low 30-inch mark.

For anglers who prefer to follow the tide and work the rips as they form, the general consensus is that a hole is most likely to hold a good bass or two; if you manage to catch one, then moving on rather than beating an area over and over again is the way to go.

The next set of good, early morning east turning currents start next Wednesday.