Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – August 17, 2017

The action at the east end continued this morning, Jeff Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle said, and if the pattern continues, there should be a repeat this evening. Although many people associate the best fishing with time of day, especially the early morning, there were still bass being caught on top on the last couple of hours of the west tide and the turn to the east.

A. J. Coots and a number of the Red Top crew were fishing the Canal on Tuesday and he said that the number of fish on top was phenomenal. He added that the fish were pushing mackerel so hard that it reminded him of tuna pushing bait completely out of the water. The area between Pole 20 and 30 was really crowded, so A.J. and the gang moved down more towards the dolphins/pilings and did well, with Bull MacKinnon catching a 38-pounder and Jacob Dionne coming up with a 20-pound bass among a number of other bass. Topwater plugs such as pencil poppers in green mackerel, straight green, white, and yellow/white have been effective.

A. J. added that he heard that on Tuesday there was some good topwater activity around Gallo and even as far west as the railroad bridge. That said, once the sun puts the fish down, the jig bite remains strong as it has for the last three weeks. Savage Sand Eels are a big name when it comes to paddle tail style jighead/plastic combinations, but A.J. said that there are local folks such as Al Gag and Bill Hurley that make similar baits that are very effective as well.

Mike Thomas from M & D’s completely understands how addictive seeing a big bass come up and wallop a topwater is, but he has heard from folks who fish the west end hard that subsurface fishing has been more consistent. In that vein, he added Sebile Stick Shadds and Magic Swimmers as good choices when the larger bass are holding a bit deeper than the small stuff that is on top.

With a new moon on Monday, August 21 and the east turn at the railroad bridge that day at 3:42 AM, kicking off a new series of breaking tides, the action could get even better in the Big Ditch.