Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report – August 11, 2017

There’s no getting around the fact that the rats who are catching fish are working hard for them.

The best bite has been down the west end on the east turn, particularly around the railroad bridge. As Todd Benedict from Falmouth Bait & Tackle said, if you’re not on the bottom, you’re not catching fish. That means using the heaviest Savage Sand Eel or Gag’s Whip-it Fish, or some other paddletail bait such as the Hogy Pro Tail Paddle; we’re talking five-plus ounces and you will find that some jigs get down faster than others.

Mike Thomas from M & D’s in Wareham added that white or ghostescent Sebile Magic Swimmers are also catching some fish during the morning bite at the west end. A good bass in the Ditch right now is about 20-pounds, but there are some larger ones around since most of these bass were part of the school of fish that was hanging out by the Maritime Academy and Gray Gables that produced some big bass the last several weeks on pogies.

The word from Jeff Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle is that the east end has seen a few brief pushes of bass from Cape Cod Bay on the end of the west tide and the turn to the east as they herd some of the mackerel that are out in the bay into the land cut. An occasional fish has been caught on a topwater plug, but overall getting subsurface has been more productive. There are still some mackerel, some baby butterfish, and a few small schools of pogies in the Big Ditch, but Jeff noted that the most bait has been in the form of very small, baby squid and that probably explains why bucktails have been so effective in the hands of regulars who know how to work them.