Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – September 8, 2016

According to Bruce Miller, the winds from Hermine did a good job of concentrating the bait and fish, both bass and bluefish, outside the east end of the Canal.

Folks trolling the tube-and-worm, with orange and red both working, have been doing well, while anglers who insist on using eels have been cursing the blues who have been having fun making cigars.

Bruce added that casters using larger, heavier Magic Swimmers have been catching some bass up to the mid-20-pound class – that is if they can get below the bluefish. With some mackerel still around, green mackerel has obviously been a popular color, but there are large schools of peanut bunker around and some pods of Atlantic sauries as well, making all white or the transparent white good colors to have on hand.

Andy Little said a few folks went out to look around Barnstable Harbor today, but so far he hasn’t heard anything about what they found. There’s a good chance that things are a bit roiled up well up inside the harbor, but the channel and surrounding shallows typically clean up pretty quickly due to their steady and strong tidal exchanges.

Over towards Billingsgate and the bayside waters from Orleans to Truro, the local charterboats had their trips cancelled this week due to the threat of Hermine, but many of them have trips tomorrow. As far as the shoals go, Paul explained that this year hasn’t been great for this area, with most action off the northside in deeper water, starting at about 25-feet. For that reason, either wire or lead core has been required to get down to the bluefish that have been the main catch, with umbrella rigs and Hootchies effective offerings.