Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – September 29, 2016

This northeast blow could produce some great beach fishing from Sandwich to Barnstable, something that has occurred in the past. There is plenty of small bait up inside the Sandwich creeks and Barnstable Harbor and cooler water typically results in the sand eels, peanut bunker, and baby herring out into the bay where there should be some bigger bass and blues waiting. Although it is more common for mackerel, which were starting to stack up around Scorton Ledge, to move into the east end of the Canal, there is also the chance some macks will be pushed onto the beaches.
That means that plug fishing will be the way to go, as longer casts will allow you to get beyond the weedy and dirty water that usually follows a north/northeast blow in the bay. Pencil poppers in yellow or chartreuse/parrot are good choices, along with other topwater lures.

Last Saturday, Jeff Clabault fished Old Harbor and caught some smaller bass as well as one close to legal size using a small Daiwa SP Minnow in purple over silver. Although he is a fan of the Yo-zuri MagMinnow, he has found the long cast system of the SP Minnow a real help.

On Monday, Jeff switched over to well up inside Barnstable Harbor and again caught a number of mid-20-inch fish; this area is known for some phenomenal fall fishing, including bass all over the surface, and I have a strong sense that if folks can get out by boat this weekend, they could do really well with any number of sand eel imitations, both flies and soft plastics, as well topwater plugs.

Jeff also spoke to an angler who caught four solid bluefish in the 10-pound category plugging from Town Neck Beach earlier this week.

Paul Newmier was helping some folks who were staying in Truro and they were planning on fishing around the Pamet and Corn Hill since the backside is pretty much a blow out. They were asking Paul if he carried bunker (pogies), a pretty good sign that chunking is one way to go, particularly in the fall when you are trying to coax fish that are on the move.

There is squid being caught in Provincetown Harbor and their presence can often lead to some good bluefish action.

The Brewster flats continued to be productive through the earlier part of the week, but the wind will keep anglers away until things settle a bit. Chartreuse/white bucktail patterns were effective for flyrodders and that should remain the case with the water most likely off color this weekend; folks tossing soft plastics should also take that into consideration with pink and chartreuse good contrast colors, as well as darker green or black.

Paul spoke to a friend of his who runs a hydraulic clam boat out of Rock Harbor and he was out Wednesday and said it was solid seven and eight footers off of Dennis. That means that until the weekend, the odds are that any charter or private boats from Orleans to Sandwich will be tied to the docks or remain on their trailers.

Tube-and-worm fishing had been good from Barnstable to Scorton, with live eels producing bass in the 20 to 25-pounds pretty consistently from the east entrance to the Canal to Town Neck, both day-and-night.