Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – September 17, 2015

Although the boat action for bass from Barnstable to Sandwich is receiving the most attention, along with bluefish to the east, there is some improving shore action around Town Neck and Scorton Creek. Most of the bass in these areas are on the smaller size, but they have been very active on top in the morning and again in the evening, feeding primarily on smaller bait. First light plugging with pencil poppers or Polaris/Little Neck Popper style plugs is always a good bet this time of year as schools of bass move west to east on their way to the Canal. Any northerly blow will also quite often put bass on the beaches from Sandy Neck to Horizon’s.

With large schools of mackerel outside the east end of the Canal, folks have turned to trolling Magic Swimmers and Yo-zuri Deep Divers with good results.

There are still bass being caught on live eels at night from outside Barnstable down along Sandy Neck, but there aren’t as around, meaning the schools are smaller and locating any body of bass is more challenging. Trolling eels is a way of giving the bass what they want and covering more water.

The tube-and-worm remains an OK choice for folks trolling the waters from Scorton Ledge to the parking lot, as well as the entrance to Barnstable Harbor. Some of the local charterboats are dragging Hootchies and daisy chains of small squid just to the west of the entrance to the harbor.

From Wellfleet to Wood End, there have been plenty of big bluefish around to keep the boaters happy; trolling with Hootchies remains a preferred method, but once a school is located, it is possible to coax them into hitting topwater plugs, particularly in shallower water.