Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – September 1, 2016

As far as stripers go, the best bite for boaters remains from just outside the east end to Town Neck, reported Jeff Miller. Eels at night have been working really well, but Jeff added that folks trolling Perfect Swimmers or Magic Swimmers, or other plugs that look like mackerel or pogies, have been catching fish.

That said, Mike Thomas reported that a friend of his went with the tube-and-worm earlier this week when he couldn’t find any eels and picked up four bass over 30-pounds; Mike emphasized that he was fishing in shallower water, just as the eel slingers have been. Along with orange, the motor oil color has also been producing.

Although the largest school of fish are down Canal way, Jeff said there are smaller schools of fish being caught as far as just off the Brewster Flats, with swimmers and tubes most effective.

Around Old Harbor itself, there are still some 24 to 26-inch bass being caught up inside Mill Creek and around the entrance to the harbor itself, reported Ben Clabault. Fish have been caught on everything from Creek Chub poppers to clams fished on the bottom, so there are clearly opportunities for everyone, no matter how they like to fish.

Cooling water should see more and more fish hang around the shallows/flats to the east and west of the entrance to Barnstable Harbor throughout the day, but at the moment just before first light, especially when combined with an incoming tide, will produce best at the moment. Friday and Saturday will see incoming water starting after sunrise and with the approaching fronts, there could very well be some good activity even with the sun well up. That window of opportunity should close by Sunday as the seas pick up and the wind really starts to honk.

Given the large numbers of bass being caught just off the Sandwich beaches and Sandy Neck, the approaching northeast blow could also produce some good pre-storm activity for shore anglers. Topwater plugs can often produce some great fish, but if the water hasn’t filled with weed yet, then metal lures and bucktail jigs are excellent choices as well.

Most of the activity along the bayside beaches from Truro to Eastham, particularly Sunken Meadow, has been on bluefish, some of them pretty good-sized. Paul Newmier had dinner with a friend who charters out of Wellfleet and on his last trip he found Billingsgate absolutely dead, with a call from a friend who had found blues off of Brewster the only thing standing between him and a skunking. There had been a few small bass mixed in with the blues from the northern edge of the shoal out to the Path, but they were hard to find this week.