Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – October 2, 2015

There are big bluefish all along the Sandwich beaches, especially around the creeks, as the choppers that were out around Provincetown have followed the bait across the bay.

It would not be unusual to have some schools of bass mixed in, especially with the northeast winds that are predicted for the next four days at least, which will push the bait into the lower stretches of the bay and you know what will follow. Remember that the currents around the creek entrances are nothing to play around with, particularly when kicked up by several days of northeast winds.

Boaters won’t be able to get out for several days, with the only spot that might be fishable is well up inside Barnstable Harbor, but even that will be squirrely and there is no reason for anybody to try and get out of the bay. When this storm subsides, the harbor should be on fire with bass of all sizes in the mix, perhaps for a couple of weeks until it becomes schoolie fest.