Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – October 13, 2016

According to Andy Little, the bass fishing around Barnstable Harbor is still very good. There haven’t been any huge fish caught recently, but the numbers are there, providing plenty of action. There has been an early morning topwater bite from outside Blish Point all the way to Beach Point and along the edges of the bars surrounding the main channel. Both surface plugs and soft plastics are working well, while during the daytime, anglers trolling the tube-and-worm are doing well. At night, live eels continue to be the top choice, with some shore anglers electing to use swimming plugs off of Bone Hill Road and Scudder Lane with good results.

There are also some bigger fish still being caught around Scorton Ledge, with the tube-and-worm during the day and eels at night a familiar pattern, but Jeff Miller explained that many boaters are electing to head to Provincetown and the backside in search of bluefin. In that regard, there have been some schools of tuna around Wood End, as well as moving in as close as Barnstable in pursuit of mackerel and other baitfish. Most of these fish are in the 100 to 200-pound class, with folks electing to cast to them with heavy spinning gear designed for the task. There is little doubt that tossing plugs, particularly topwater designs, is super exciting, but jigs provide more versatility when it comes to working all levels of the water column.

Strategic Anglers just might be the plug most often mentioned when speaking of top tuna plugs, with outstanding action and finishes; in addition, these plugs come unrigged, allowing an angler the opportunity to rig them just the way they want, while obviously taking into consideration the recommendations of the manufacturer. Companies like Salty’s and Gibbs’ also make plugs that have tuna in mind when it comes to their rigging and design.

Although most folks typically think of jighead/soft plastic combinations as a deep water presentation, by gaining control of the line once they hit the water and employing a fast retrieve, lighter Hogy Pro Tails and Paddles have proven themselves when the tuna are busting on top, as have tuna rigged Epoxy Jigs. If there are no fish showing, but you are marking them on your fishfinder, then you can let your Hogy jigs, including the Harness Jig, drop down to the fish. In this case you can also up the weight of your offering.

With schools of bass still reported up in Boston feeding on pogies and fish in the Plymouth area as well, there is still a very good chance that boaters will enjoy good action if and when these fish move south towards the Canal or perhaps across Cape Cod Bay and around Provincetown.