Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – June 12, 2015

There is a good bass bite up around Provincetown and down along the backside as far as the Golf Balls; they have been caught in many ways, from deep jigging with metal jigs and soft plastic/jighead combinations to topwater plugs such as pencils and spooks to baits with a broader profile and coloration to match the mackerel that are moving in and around the area. Folks who experienced last year’s fantastic run of June fish up around the tip of the Cape are poised for another dance with 40+ inch bass in large numbers.

Billingsgate has been producing mostly smaller bass, with a pick of fish up to the low 30-inch class. The Rock Harbor fleet has been doing well jigging wire, while flyrodders and casters have been encountering schools of bass on top on either side of low water. There are plenty of sand eels present in these waters.

The Brewster Flats have been the top inshore spot for targeting larger bass on the fly and light spin. Folks with experience fishing the area know that the bass often stage outside on the dropoff and then move in during incoming water and eventually follow the troughs onto the flats and bars as the water rises, working their way close to shore. This is a game of patience as you will make plenty of casts to get the attention of one of the larger fish and in many cases your offering will be intercepted by a hungrier, more willing schoolie. Although it may sound counterintuitive with all of the sand eels on the flats, sometimes switching things up with a seven or ten-inch bubblegum or bone Hogy will draw a reaction strike, especially when the fish first begin to move from deeper troughs into skinny water.

Although Brewster is known for its sight fishing potential, some of the best action can occurs before first light and shore anglers often do well at night and early in the morning.

There have been large schools of smaller bass working from Brewster to the east flats around Barnstable; there are big clouds of smaller sand eels and they are being shadowed by the bass. High sun conditions favor a bone Hogy and lighter colored flies get a great deal of attention since they aren’t gaudy; rough water has been producing the best action, with the stripers spookier when thing are clear and calm.

Up inside Barnstable, bass to 25-pounds have been caught livelining mackerel this week and many of the boats are hanging out around the cottage colony and off Beach Point. Other boaters are doing well jigging bass along the edges of the channel and more in the middle as the tide drops.

The marsh flats, Moon Shoal, and Horseshoe Bar are all holding bass and they have been fishing best on the tail end of the outgoing tide as the fish leave the flats that are being exposed by the rapid drop of water and settle into channels where they have the protection of deeper water.

Beach fishermen dunking mackerel and squid have run into fish along Sandy Neck and over to the Sandwich creeks. It’s the same story over around Sunken Meadow and the beaches around Wellfleet and Truro, although it is more common to use sand eels.