Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report – July 7, 2016

There is still some good striper activity in a number of spots on the bay side. For example, Paul Newmier fished the north edge of Billingsgate this week and he managed to pick up a number of bass, including some legal fish, jigging wire tipped with green and white jigs. He also had a red and white jig on another rod, but it only produced a single fish.

Bruce Miller reported that the Fingers have had some bass on top at first light, but once the sun comes up, they head deep and have been found in decent numbers around the Path. Green bunker spoons have been working, perhaps a sign that there are some mackerel in this stretch.

Barnstable Harbor is best at first light if you are looking to cast for fish, particularly if you can combine that with an incoming tide. Otherwise, anglers fishing mackerel chunks have been outfishing those livelining macks, especially up inside Beach Point, as opposed to the outer portions of the harbor.

The flats and shallows from Barnstable to Brewster are warming up, putting the fish there in a fussy mood. Early mornings and dusk have been fishing best, with the high sunshine and heat this week making things really difficult for both fly and spin folks.

Although there remains some mackerel outside the east end of the Canal, they haven’t really drawn in fish from the bay into the east end as would be expected. Some east/northeast winds predicted for the next couple of days could push some bass that way, but they aren’t supposed to be particularly strong. A good storm would stir things, but there isn’t really anything significant in the forecast.

Paul Newmier did report that some smallish bluefish were caught around Herring Cove this week, but overall the chopper activity in the bay has been spotty at best.

If you’re going to fish the Sandwich creeks, consider using lighter tackle since most of the bass in these areas are on the really small size. Make certain to take care when releasing all fish, especially the small ones, as they are really important to the future of our striped bass stocks.