Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – September 7, 2017

As will be the case with many of the reports this week, the information provided will be about what was going on before the winds took over and that is certainly the case with B-Bay.

Mike Thomas at M & D’s confirmed that boaters have avoided getting beat up and perhaps worse this week; sitting at Barlow’s Landing at noon today, I could see white caps leading right up into Pocasset and this area is pretty well protected.

Some people have suggested that the bass that were hanging around the west entrance to the Canal will have moved on, but they aren’t regulars who fish this area consistently. It might take some time for the water to clear, but as long as there is bait in these waters, then fishing pogies, trolling the tube-and-worm, and even tossing plugs and big soft plastics such as Hogy’s will pay off. In fact, if any portion of the fish in the Canal at the moment moves through from the Maritime Academy down to Stony Point Dike and beyond, it could very well be a monumental fall. That said, anglers who can get out the most – and every day in the morning before work is what I am talking about – will have the best chance at encountering aggressive, migrating fish.

Mike didn’t have any news about false albacore, but last weekend there were fish raising a ruckus against the Maritime Academy ship and folks tossing normally productive bass lures came up empty. Mike believes they were most likely bonito, as there have been schools working from West Falmouth to Old Silver Beach, especially in the morning, and the upper stretches of the west entrance often see both bones and albies at this time of year due to the large schools of peanut bunker, sand eels, and silversides.