Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – September 21, 2017

I’m sure more than a few folks were really disappointed to see these winds settle in as the albie fishing had been off the charts right through Tuesday – or at least as long as boats managed to get out.

There were bait balls of peanut bunker and bay anchovies out around the edges of the Canal, while closer to shore the action was a bit tougher as the fish proved to be finickier in shallow water. Carrying a variety of colors of Epoxy Jigs and Heavy Metal Jigs proved to be very important as one color and/or size would take fish for a time and then the albies and bones would begin to refuse it, requiring some work to dial in what would work. Although matching the hatch is often a common refrain, I have found that using slightly larger jigs such as the 7/8-inch Epoxy’s in contrasting colors such as pink, blue, and shrimp often work when nothing else does.

And seven-inch amber Original Hogy’s or pearl Zoom Super Flukes continue to work whether they are skipped on the surface or scooted along just under the surface. As far the Flukes go, there are myriad choices in terms of colors, with some folks I know swearing by the ones that carry some version of a green coloration, including a number of colors that are some variation of Watermelon as well as Green Pumpkin.

The fact that at times the action in the Canal has shifted to the west end is a sign that fish might be staging to move out of the land cut and into Buzzards Bay after the storm passes, so keeping an eye open for breaking fish in the bay should be a good idea this weekend, as well as fishing structure around Hog and Mashnee Islands, as well as any of the necks that affect current flow and trap bait between Phinney’s Harbor and Quissett.

Tautog fishing has gotten off to a slower start, mainly because of the warm water, but should pick up as we return to a pattern of cooler nights and dropping temperatures during the day.