Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – September 11, 2015

The waters around Onset and over by Grey Gables were alive with albies yesterday and today and these fish have been aggressive and willing to take artificials such as the SI Epoxy Jig. The bait, which has been primarily peanut bunker, is so thick that using a color that stands out and gets bit is a good idea, with bone, pink, and silver good options. Switching sizes is often critical based on what the bait is and what size it is. These fish have been very active on the incoming tides, both in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, there are also some schools of three to five-pound bluefish and failing to recognize what you are casting at can result in a lot of lost lures. Of course, at times you don’t have time when the fish are up and down quickly, but if they are in a good boil, tossing out a plug with a single hook (or no hook at all if you don’t intend to keep any bluefish if that’s what you are into) will typically let you know what you are dealing with.

There are few more schools of bass around, but generally they have been on the small size if they are feeding on top. If you are a boater who fishes this area regularly, then keeping tuned to what is happening in the Canal is very important this time of year; if the stripers make a hard push in and around the west end of the land cut, there is a good chance that some of the schools will move out into the west entrance from the Maritime Academy to Stony Point Dike as they begin their move down and across the bay. Hogy seven and ten-inch Originals are great choices when the bass are boiling on top, making for solid hook-ups and cleaner releases than if you are using plugs with treble hooks. Trolling the tube-and-worm or drifting/casting live eels is traditionally how many folks choose to focus on larger bass.

Shore anglers will also see more bass moving into the stretches of rocky structure from dusk to dawn, with Phinney’s Harbor, Red Brook Harbor, West Falmouth Harbor, and spots around Sippewissett, which might be more accessible right now, areas that sometimes harbor daytime action.