Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – September 1, 2016

There has not been any spillage of bass from the Canal out into the west entrance and beyond – yet. For the moment, there are still plenty of smaller bass from Stony Point Dike to the Maritime Academy, as well as the Mashnee Flats to Monument Beach.

Although the vast majority of bluefish have been in the four to five-pound range, Mike Thomas weighed in a 12+-pound fish for a young angler that was caught in Wareham Bay. Mike has heard from other anglers who have run into schools of much larger blues from Marion to Onset, with schools of pogies typically around in spots where they are found.

Mike also checked in a seven-pound fluke and emphasized that with the water cooling a bit, some larger fish are moving out of deep water channels and dropoffs onto shoals and flats. The Mashnee Flats are a perfect example of this.

At the moment, Mike has not heard of any albies in the waters from the west entrance down to Sippewissett, but at this time of year if they are present, they are in small, really fast moving schools. That means one angler might find them off West Falmouth, while someone else could be in the same spot an hour or two later and find nothing. Any consistent bonito action Mike has heard of took place well west of the Cape, with some fish in the Westport area.