Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – October 6, 2016

Mark Tenerowicz shared this photo of a blue caught via kayak up inside Megansett this week.
Mark Tenerowicz shared this photo of a blue caught via kayak up inside Megansett this week.

Mike Thomas made it clear that the fishing has been very good on bass in the bay this week; as opposed to the upper stretches of the west entrance, boaters are reporting good action in open water around Cleveland Ledge and the edges of the Hog Island Channel. A good number of these fish are in the 20-pound-class and have been willingly taking topwater plugs, as well as a variety of jighead/soft plastic combinations. Early morning have seen terns giving away the location of these schools, a pretty good indication that the bait is on the smaller side, perhaps sand eels or peanut bunker, but later in the day gulls have been more active with bass and bluefish feeding on schools of pogies and other large baitfish that are still around.

With the Canal clearly filled with fish, there is always the chance that some schools will move into the waters from the Maritime Academy to Onset and along Stony Point Dike, but Mike’s report suggests that those that were being caught in these waters have started their trip through Buzzards Bay.

Mark Tenerowicz reported having a good day earlier this week in Squeteague Harbor and Megansett as he kayaked his way to schoolie bass and bluefish on topwater plugs, including Rebel Jumpin’ Minnows. That scenario is apparently pretty common in the multitude of backwaters that dot the Cape side shoreline of the bay, with plenty of bait still around to draw the attention of migrating gamefish.

There haven’t been any reports of albies around the west entrance and into the Canal this week, but that may be a result of fewer boat anglers on the water who would be looking for them.

On the other hand, there are plenty of folks fishing the Cleveland Ledge area for tautog and the bite has been improving almost daily. Shore anglers have also been picking up a number of tog over the legal limit of 16-inches up around the Wareham Narrows and around the Maritime Academy in the Canal.