Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – October 5, 2017

The word from Mike Thomas at M & D’s in Wareham is that there are plenty of small bass in Wareham Bay, with the fish moving up as far as the Tempest Knob boat ramp at times. It is possible to find these fish feeding on top pretty much throughout the day, making small soft plastics such as the smaller Pro Tails or unweighted Skinny’s very effective choices, as well as Epoxy Jigs and Heavy Minnows.

As far as any larger bass go, the odds are that any fish that left the Canal through the west entrance over the last couple of weeks have moved down towards the Elizabeths or west towards Fairhaven and Westport. That said, fishing unweighted 10-inch Original Hogy’s or live eels in the early morning on a dropping tide might produce a fish or two; another option is to toss heavy Pro Tails if you are fishing from shore, say around Mashnee Island, or bounce/drag them on the bottom. Larger Hogy’s such as the 13-inch in black or darker colors fished on a Barbarian Jighead can be equally effective at night, alternating between a jigging retrieve and a slide along the bottom, being ever vigilant to avoid hanging up on any rocky structure in the area.

Shore anglers with access to spots from West Falmouth to Quissett will find topwater plugs a good choice at first light in terms of covering large areas of water in a searching pattern; white or yellow are all you will need in terms of colors. Pencils or Polaris-style plugs are a good place to start, but spook style have a slower, more seductive motion that can drive a sulky fish crazy. Although they take some practice to fish correctly, metal lips are another good fall choice.