Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – May 20, 2016

Richie and his son Aiden with two nice stripers from Friday morning.
Richie and his son Aiden with a 40″ striper from Friday morning.

Today I had Richie and his son Aiden on the Bay boat today for a half day father and son trip. Aiden is a 13 year old that loves fishing but until today had never landed a striper.

We launched at 0600 and headed out looking for bird action and some surface feeding bass. In short order we found what we were looking for and had a few acres of bass rolling on top in 10-15′ of water. It was a steady pick of 20-30″ fish for about an hour. Rigth off the bat Aiden was able to land not only his first striper and about a dozen more.

When the bite slowed we went for a recon ride. Aiden loved the Bay boat and the fast I went the more he enjoyed it. The calm conditions allowed for plenty of speeding around looking for more fish. We covered ALLOT of ground with little to show for it.

After the better part of an hour we found more bird life and bigger birds. We began throwing the Hogy Lures Epoxy jig in Silver and Black with devastating success. A painfully slow retrieve had the lure putting out a slow wobble that the fish couldn’t resist. We pounded the bass until nearly 11 o’clock. It was getting near time to head in and Aiden was getting hungry. We packed up and headed for the ramp.

Aiden with his first striper taken on the silver Epoxy jig.
Aiden with a striper taken on a silver Epoxy Jig.

We made it about 2 miles when Richie spotted “a few birds”. Not one to resist that last cast, I turned towards the birds. As we got closer, what appeared blew our minds!!!! We had a square MILE of gulls crashing over bass from 20-30+”. I made the call to my good buddies Capt. John Curry and Larry Lodge to come join us in this insane topwater blitz we had all to ourselves.

We all began casting and landing fish after fish with the chaos of birds, bait and fish completely surrounding us.

For nearly two hours the guys caught fish. I decided to try the new Facebook LIVE function and shared the entire experience with many of you as it happened. The videos are on my Facebook page if you want to watch. The response was excellent and Im sure we will be doing even more LIVE video when situations like this occur.

By nearly 1 o’clock the guys were exhausted. The “half day” trip was long over and it was time to really head for the ramp. With his LAST CAST, Richie had the ‘Mic Drop’ moment of the trip. He somehow managed to hook and land a monster mid 40″ bass out of the acres of 20-30″ fish. He fought the fish like a pro on the light Shimano gear and I was able to get a hand on the fat lip of the fish of the day. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

So finally with blinders on we left the chaos and headed home.

Final tally a conservative 70 to 80 fish for the guys. Aiden had a bunch of “Firsts” today and it was a privilege to be a part of it all.

The lure du jour was the 3″ Hogy Lures Epoxy Jig in silver and black. A painfully slow retrieve was all it took to have the bass piling on nearly every cast.

Overall it was the kind of day that reminds me why I do this for a living!!!!!!

Editor’s Note:

To get in touch with Capt. Terry Nugent about a charter trip fishing the waters of Cape Cod Bay, shoot him a line at

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