Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – May 18, 2018

If the Canal is your best bet for bass from shore, then it should come as no surprise that from the west entrance to the Wareham Rivers, the striper fishing has been very good.

With water temperatures still on the edge of what bass like to feed aggressively, Monday saw Matt Rissell and friends do very well this Monday in the sun and relative warmth, while he and Capt. Mike Hogan joined me in the rain, wind, and cold the next day and managed one tiny schoolie.
Then again, sometimes you just have to stick with it and take a little beating and get a little wet, as Jeff Clabault explained, to my chagrin, that his buddy was down off Wing’s Neck, a very short distance from farthest we ventured: the edge of the Mashnee Flats.
In many cases, the bass in B-Bay are feeding on juvenile sea herring, making topwater plugs such as Rapala X-Rap’s and smaller Hogy Pro Tail Paddles a good way to go.

Fly fishermen will also find these fish more than willing to take an assortment of flies, including Deceivers with a little more flash in them; Mushmouths; and Sea Habits.

Matt, Mike, and I poked inside the Weweantic on Tuesday when we had enough of the yuck, but we apparently missed the bite as Matt’s other buddy was there and they did well on the incoming tide, including a 35-inch bass on spook style plugs. We marked plenty of fish and saw some pretty impressive swirls, but other than a couple of half-hearted swipes at seven-inch Original Hogy’s in bone and amber, we came up empty.

According to Mike Thomas at M & D’s in Wareham, he had to do a reorder on Yo-zuri Hydro Pencils (actually a spook), Heddon Super Spooks, and Rebel Jumpin’ Minnows, all of which proved to be very effective in white or bone. The smaller Daiwa SP Minnow was another alternative, again, as long it was bone.

Mike also noted that some bluefish moved in around the upper Bay this week; a 10-pound fish was caught inside the Weweantic and one around 5-pounds came from the lower stretches of the Agawam.

Tautog fishing for boaters is solid from Cleveland Ledge to Bird Island and Wing’s Neck, with some folks opting to stick around quieter waters such as the old Canal markers, Dry Ledge, and inside Marion. They are definitely feeding best on green crabs, a bait that will help you avoid the large numbers of scup if you elect to target tog with seaworms or clams.

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