Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – June 8, 2017

Just before I spoke to Mike Thomas at M & D’s in Wareham, he had just finished a conversation with a regular who had his best day of fishing ever around the west entrance to the Canal. Tossing Crippled Herrings from outside the marked channel into the deeper water, he managed 18 bass up to 30-inches. There were no fish showing or birds marking bait, but using his electronics, he was able to locate them.

Mike added that there are some schools of four to five-pound bluefish popping up here and there from Stony Point Dike over to Marion and from Monument Beach to Megansett. There are still good numbers of schoolies up inside Phinney’s Harbor, Scraggy Neck, and North Falmouth, with some larger fish being caught on metal lip swimmers at night.

There are so many black sea bass around in the bay that they have become a nuisance for the skipper of the Lady K, the party boat out of Onset. Folks are looking for scup because they can take large numbers (up to 45 through June 30 and 30 thereafter until the end of the season), while the limit on sea bass is five fish per day. If you are looking to put some fish in the freezer for later, then five BSB is not going to make it. They are very adept at getting to the squid baits that are used for scup or porgies, which are unlikely to hit artificial lures such as pink or chartreuse Spro Jigs that folks use for targeting bigger sea bass.

If your goal is to limit out on sea bass, then you will be catching fewer of the larger, brightly colored knot males as the spawn begins to end. That means, your take home catch may be comprised of 15 to 18-inch fish as opposed to the 20+-incher of a couple of weeks ago.

The fluke season has gotten off to a very, very bad start, Mike emphasized. There are some folks out there trying both on the Mashnee Flats and in deeper water from the edge of the Canal down around Stony Point Dike and out to Bird Island and Cleveland Ledge.

Wyatt Major weighed in this 50-pound fish at Red Top on Thursday morning.
Wyatt Major weighed in this 50-pound fish at Red Top on Thursday morning.