Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – June 22, 2018

Mike Thomas at M & D’s in Wareham knows that some large bass are being caught on plugs up around Mashnee Island, with the hours before first light and again in the evening the best time to toss large spooks and other topwater plugs such as the Doc. The folks at Drifter Tackle have tried to convince local shops that there are better options than plain old bone, but if you go into a shop that carries other colors, typically you will see that the only version that is sold out are the ones that the maker says are unpainted, as opposed to the pretty wild color schemes geared towards musky.

The morning and evening schoolie bite remains dependable, especially if there is a turn of the tide at that hour; the dropoffs around the Mashnee Flats, the grass patches along the dike, and Widow’s Cove are spots where small bass are commonly caught, but the shallows outside Onset up the Maritime Academy get more attention on a daily basis.

Plugging the shoreline from the Castle out to Sippican Neck and around to Planning Island will typically raise some bluefish and there have been schools reported from Bird Island to Mattapoisett as well.

There are few mackerel around upper Buzzards Bay, but if someone is determined to liveline these baits, they are most often running through the Canal, jigging some up around the east entrance, and then bringing them back to fish in the holes around Onset, Mashnee Island, Stony Point Dike, and the dolphins.

Larger bass continue to be caught under the schools of pogies that typically can be found anywhere just outside as well inside the Wareham rivers, along with Phinney’s Harbor, Red Brook Harbor, West Falmouth, and Quissett. Again, snag-and-drop is effective, but larger, waking metal lips such as Danny’s are another option when fishing around pogies.

The sea bass bite is starting to slow, Mike explained, although you wouldn’t know it by the 300+-pounds of jumbos and 70 of large that the clown and his cohorts from New Hampshire was caught with yesterday; sounds like a ban from fishing in the Bay State, both commercially and recreationally, is in order. But don’t bet on it.

Fluke fishing is picking up a bit and remember that Maco’s in Monument Beach gets a delivery of fresh sand eels on Friday, and while many people count on some combination of jigs and squid strips when fishing for summer flatties, sand eels are hard to beat.