Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – June 15, 2017

The biggest news concerning fishing in the bay is the presence of large schools of pogies all over the place. Up around Onset, many anglers are catching some good-sized stripers on both live and chunk pogies, with a few sticking with mackerel. A few guys are using swimmers such as SP Minnows in mackerel or white, but Mike Thomas hasn’t heard of any major surface activity.

Sea bass in the 15 to 16-inch are the new norm at the moment as the fish are coming off the spawn and even the average size of the plentiful scup is dropping.

Spencer Scaife from Red Top was fishing a shore spot in North Falmouth around a big school of pogies at night and he heard what sounded like a bowling ball hitting the water. There were tails and explosions everywhere; after he switched over to a yellow Wally’s pikie, he had a vicious strike and the fish tore off before leaving Spencer with a cut line and no plug.

Apparently, these schools of pogies can be found in numerous areas from Phinney’s Harbor to Quissett, but as Spencer so rightly pointed out, so much of the Buzzards Bay shoreline is privately owned that the only way you can get to the bait and the fish feeding on them is by boat.