Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – July 7, 2016

Spenser Scaife, who spends a good amount of time fishing the numerous backwaters along the Cape shoreline of the bay, explained that with the water warming up in these areas quite rapidly, the fish are abandoning these areas and moving out into deeper water.

There are still good numbers of pogies, both in open water and inside many bays and harbors, but for the most part they are not being bothered. It is still worth livelining a pogy, scup, or even an eel around the deeper holes of the west entrance to the Canal, particularly when a west current brings colder water in from Cape Cod Bay.

Fluke fishing is picking up around the deep dropoffs of the Canal channel, but as seems to be the case pretty much everywhere, you are going to have to pick you way through a good number of short fish to pick up even one fish above the 16-inch recreational limit. It is possible to put together a limit of five fish, but it requires moving around and making sure you understand how the current affects the action.

There are still decent numbers of schoolies inside Onset, by the Maritime Academy ship, Widow’s Cove, and the rocks that comprise Wing’s, Scraggy, and Nye’s Neck. Early mornings and dusk are definitely best, with lighter boat traffic and cooler water temperatures.