Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – July 28, 2017

During last week’s great fishing, schools of mackerel were apparently chased right through the Canal and out to the west entrance, where they have remained pinned down by schools of bass that were either waiting to enter the Canal or were responsible for the bait being pushed out in the first place.

Many folks have been locating the schools of mackerel from Stony Point Dike to Onset and the Maritime Academy/Grey Gables and then livelining them, while some boaters are making the run through the Ditch to the east end where the bait is heavier to fill up their live wells, at which point they run back to the west entrance.

There has been some topwater activity for boaters in the early morning, but some of the best action has been on subsurface lures such as Savage Sand Eels and Magic Swimmers or Stick Shadds. The turn to the east current has provided the most activity, with a variety of topwater lures raising enough hits to make things interesting.

Mike Thomas as M & D’s in Wareham told me that his buddy, who usually tells Mike about schools of bass that he is fishing on out around Westport and that often move towards the Canal, has instead been fishing the beaches around Sandwich. Whether this means that the last of the big schools of bass out in B-Bay have moved into and/or through the land cut is anyone’s guess, but it should be interesting to see if there is a general slowdown throughout August before things gear up for the fall.