Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – July 28, 2016

Mike Thomas reported that some larger bass have once again moved into the holes and rips around Wareham, Marion, and Mattapoisett, as well as the west entrance to the Canal. They apparently are following the schools of pogies that are prevalent in these waters at the moment. The Onset rip and those that form around Hog and Mashnee Islands have are good places to start livelining any menhaden you happen to net or snag.

There has been some reliable news concerning a few scattered schools of bonito off of West Falmouth, mixed in with the smallish bluefish that folks typically mistakenly call funny fish.

Speaking of bluefish, there are reports of schools of smaller choppers scattered throughout the bay, with first light definitely the best time to find mainly schoolie bass around the rocks off of Scraggy Neck and Nye’s Neck.