Buzzards Bay Fishing Report – August 25, 2016

There are schools of four to five-pound bluefish throughout the upper Bay, particularly off Marion and from Wing’s Neck to West Falmouth. Light tackle and fly rod folks are waiting for some funny fish to show up, but at the moment the schools of peanut bunker, sand eels, and silversides haven’t drawn them in. There are some bonito down Rhode Island way, particularly around Little Compton, but albies have not bee reported yet.

Mike Thomas heard of a few schools of big bluefish pushing schools of pogies around Onset, but other than the fact that they were logically found around their favorite bait, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when they show up.

Schoolies have been active in the early morning and again at dusk, with good numbers around the castle, Stony Point Dike, the Mashnee Flats and up around Mashnee Island, and the Maritime Academy. The presence of flocks of terns is a good sign, but before first light the bass often can be found rolling and slurping around rocky structure as well as over grass patches.

Last week, it was reported by Canal anglers that a school of large bass moved into the east end and followed the bait right through to the west end and out into Buzzards Bay, but Mike noted that they haven’t been seen or found by anyone. A larger fish has been caught here and there by regulars fishing eels, pogies, or scup in the holes around the west entrance, but at times the blues are raising havoc with any live bait fished deep on a fishfinder or three-way rig. Eels are particularly susceptible to the choppers, making for an expensive and frustrating night. If you find yourself dealing with eel cigars, consider the wise choice of moving to another locale.

As the water cools, Mike explained, the fluke will sometimes move from the deeper channels up onto the shallows, such as the Mashnee Flats and around the shallows that can be found around Taylor’s Point and Onset.