Buzzards Bay Fishing Report | August 18, 2016

The word from Mike Thomas is that the bay is filled with schools of medium sized bluefish, four to five-pounders, meaning that boaters are getting all excited by “slashing fish” that turn out to be choppers. So far, there have been no reliable reports of albies or bonito.

Bass fishing has been tough throughout the bay, with schoolies around the Mashnee Flats up to the Maritime Academy, with this week’s early morning incoming water typically producing some of the best action. Even anglers who typically drift eels, scup, or pogies on heavily weighted fishfinder rigs in the holes around the Canal have been finding it a slow go; remember that many of these guys are looking for fish that meet the commercial 34-inch minimum. Mike said that his buddy has caught a decent number of bass between 28 and 30-inches, which would be just fine for the rest of us.

As far as fluke go, you really have two options that are apparently producing the most legal sized fish. One is to work the deeper water off the edges of the flats and around the old Canal up into Phinney’s Harbor, or you can make the run out to Cleveland Ledge and work the holes that typically are best for fluke.