Our Favorite Salty Cape Videos of 2015

Schoolies and Sea Bass at the West End of the Cape Cod Canal


Date: May 29
Location: West End of the Cape Cod Canal
Capt. Mike and the Salty Cape crew kicked off their 2015 reports by heading out to Buzzards Bay on a beautiful morning in late May. After casting topwater into acres of blitzing schoolies, they headed further out into the bay and dropped SI Squinnow jigs down for black sea bass to complete a successful morning trip.

Blues & Stripers at L’Hommedieu Shoal


Date: June 2
Location: L’Hommedieu Shoal, 2 miles south of Falmouth
The shoals of Vineyard Sound are a very popular spot early in the season, and for good reason, as they frequently hold big pods of bluefish and stripers gorging on squid. In this video, Capt. Mike gives a brief explanation of his favorite softbait jigging techniques for stripers while braving an ugly morning in early June.

Trolling for Stripers in Woods Hole


Date: June 10
Location: Woods Hole, MA
While Woods Hole can be one of the most treacherous pieces of water to navigate in the Northeast, it also is home to tremendous striped bass fishing. Captains Nat Chalkley and Mike Hogan show off a few techniques for trolling the channel and enticing big stripers holding around rocky structure.

Jigging for Race Point Stripers


Date: June 17
Location: Race Point, Provincetown, MA
The striper bite just off Race Point has been nothing short of phenomenal over the past few springs. This season, large pods of sand eels presented Capt. Mike and Capt. Shaun Ruge with an excellent opportunity to drop Hogy Dancing Diamond Sand Eels with a lot of success.

Trolling for Bluefin at The Claw


Date: June 19
Location: The Claw, 15 miles South of Martha’s Vineyard
In their first offshore trip of the season, Captains Nat Chalkley and Mike Hogan struck “blue gold” by dialing in on a ferocious run of school-size bluefin just 15 miles south of the Vineyard. The trolling techniques showed off in this video were very successful for anglers heading south of Martha’s Vineyard all season long.

350-Pound Blue Marlin at West Atlantis Canyon


Date: July 20, 2015
Location: West Atlantis Canyon, 100+ miles south of Martha’s Vineyard
Salty Cape’s Matt Rissell was fortunate enough to be fishing on FV Skipjack out of Falmouth when they hooked into a 350+ pound blue marlin while fishing West Atlantis canyon, shooting some mind-bottling footage in the process.

Thousands of Yellowfin Tuna at West Atlantis Canyon


Date: August 18
Location: West Atlantis Canyon
Capt. Mike Hogan took his 30′ Fortier Gray Goose to West Atlantis Canyon in late August and discovered one of the biggest schools of tuna captured on film this summer. Luckily, Capt. Mike had plenty of light-tackle topwater equipment on board in order to take full advantage of his discovery.

September Albie Fishing in Woods Hole


Date: September 1
Location: Woods Hole, MA
Another epic albie run flooded the south coast of Cape Cod this summer. From Chatham to the West end of the Canal and all the way out to the Bonito bar, anglers enjoyed 2 solid months of chasing these hard tail speedsters. On this memorable September morning, Captains Mike Hogan, Terry Nugent and Shaun Ruge tied into a solid pod of fish.

Tautog Fishing in Woods Hole


Date: October 22
Location: Woods Hole, MA
Just when most fishermen think that the season on Cape Cod is finished, feisty tautog invade inshore rock piles and provide excellent eating and angling.

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