Albie Mastery Part 3 of 7: Lure Groups for Albies #305

In part three of our seven part series, Capt. Mike Hogan walks us through the top four lure categories (epoxy jigs, metal jigs, soft plastics + plugs) when targeting false albacores and their most effective uses and imitations.


heavy minnowHistorically speaking, these are the most common style lure to target bonitos and albies. Despite the Expoxy jig being Capt. Mike’s favorite, the metals have a very important role. They are much heavier relative to their size – the extra weight gives the angler much longer range when fishing from the shore or in windy conditions. They imitate very small baitfish that albies and bonitos are often keyed in on. Can be cast far with lighter gear and maintain the small profile. Used most commonly when distance is needed.

Epoxy Jigs:

epoxy jigWithout a doubt Capt. Mike’s favorite lure to use when targeting bonitos and albies. They’re translucent, imitative finish for smaller, thin baitfish. They can be fished at a slower, medium retrieve speed without sinking out of the strike zone, they’re very versatile in the techniques they can endure and they’re very light and can be fished with light tackle.

Soft Plastics:

pro tailThe Hogy Pro Tail Paddle are used best for blind casting. The commotion from the paddle tail when they land and when they’re retrieved can draw fish in. They do not cast as far and are more prone to damage when blues are in the mix. Great go-to bait when albies are being finicky and you have to blind cast.


The Hogy Charter Grade Popper in amber

They’re very noisy and larger than what you would associate with bonitos and albies. The larger size makes them more visible when the albies are scattered providing a greater field of view for fish. When there is so much bait in the water and the profile is smaller, the big noisy profile plugs are good at calling fish in that might be scattered outside of the school. They’re also very easy to cast!

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